Friday 4 March 2022


Before I went to sleep, my wife said to me: This Russia is such a bad country, If Ukraine wants to join Nato, it is their business and freedom, Russia has no right to intervene, this is just an excuse for Russia to invade Ukarine.

So I said nothing, I just went to the kitchen and took a knife to bedside, then I said: Let’s go to sleep.

My wife looked at me with her wide eyes: What the heck are you doing, sleeping with a knife?!?!

I said: No worry, let’s go to sleep. Beside, sleeping with a knife is none of your business and it is my freedom.

My wife said: How can I sleep when you are sleeping with a knife? What if you accidentally cut me?

I said: Well, You don’t even trust your own husband, how can you expect Russia to trust Ukraine? Me sleeping with a knife is like Ukraine joining the Nato.

Source: Vcozigbo.Com

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