Wednesday 8 May 2024


This is done in several African countries after a child is born. It's a mixture of different herbs to protect and disinfect the skin while also warding off evil spirits.

In some instances babies are traditionally given their first bath by their grandmother. In some Cultures this usually consists of intense scrubbing with palm oil and the natural hard sponge to get off all the vernix (whitish substance) to allow the pores to open and prevent body odour in the baby. Some bath babies in herbal concoctions such as rosemary leaves, chalk e.t.c.

Some bend the babies arms backwards, hold babies upside down, massage babies head and toss in the air. All to ensure increased flexibility and have a well-formed head. Some even press babies cheeks inwards to form dimples and rub all sorts on the babies skin to elicit a sheen. The eyelashes of some babies are painted with local paint (tiro) while the umbilical cord is pressed with hot lantern and other forms of decoctions.

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