Wednesday 9 August 2023

Ifá Festival Odù Ogbè Sá

I just finished Ẹbọ for my Odù of the year Ifá Festival 2023, Ogbè Sá.

IFÁ directed I should venerate ORÍ with a fish. I have decided to share a story from the Odù to lovers of Ìṣẹ̀ṣe. We shouldn't forget that our cherished and irreplaceable father, Ọ̀rúnmìlà is unquestionably regarded as "Òpìtàn Ifẹ̀ ( Great historian of creation). Please enjoy it. 

Let us pray that our Orí continue to shame our detractors. Veneration of Orí at all times is non negotiable for all Òrìṣà Practioners and Devotees. We still need Ifá to make inquiries on what our Ori wants.

Just listen to this from "Ogbè Sá" 

Bí abínú ẹni bá ń gbé nkàn-án ẹni dànù sínú Igbó 

Ẹlẹ́dàá ẹni a máa gbéni lékè wọn 

Adífá fun Àyọ̀kà tíí ṣe ààyò Ọlọ́fin

Àṣẹ̀yìnwá àṣẹ̀yìnbọ̀, Onínúire l'Ọ̀pẹ̀ ó gbè.

When malicious and treacherous people throw your treasures into the forest.

Your Guardian spirit ( Ẹlẹ́dàá /Orí ) shall make you victorious over them.

Cast divination for Àyọ̀kà, the favorite wife of Ọlọ́fin 

No matter how long it takes, Ifá shall always be in support of the righteous.

The super story:

The King, Ọlọ́fin had several wives but chose Ayoka as his favorite for the reasons best known to him but the other wives were jealous and were planning how to disgrace Ayoka and his 'lover',Ọlọ́fin, the King.

Ọlọ́fin had kept his special and sacred crown to be used in 7 days for a very important ceremony with Àyọ̀kà.The wicked wives took the crown from Àyọ̀kà's room and threw it into the ocean. 

When the King asked for the crown from Àyọ̀kà on the eve of the date for the ceremony, it was no where to be found. Àyọ̀kà consulted Ifa and was instructed to venerate her Ori with a big fish. She did as instructed and bought a big fish from the market. The fish she bought had swallowed the crown and it was a miracle that the King graced the occasion with the cherished crown. The treacherous wives were put to shame.

It should be noted that the photo was to explain the necessity of veneration of Orí with "Ẹja tútù ( Life fresh fish). The fìlà /cap/hat/gèlè /head tie is normally removed so that the fish can touch your skin directly. Then you can then cover your head during propitiation.

May our Orí give us victory over diabolically minded souls. Àṣẹ.

Stay blessed.

From Araba of Oworonsoki land, Lagos Nigeria

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