Saturday 22 July 2023


“With the failure of authority at the center, the rebellion in Dahomey and the loss of control over many of the trade routes to the coast, the weakened capital city was vulnerable to changes taking place to the north: the increasing power of the Fulani; the missionary zeal of Muslim emissaries; and the political ambition of petty Chiefs of ILORIN and neighboring towns. Around 1830 Oyo–Ile was under siege by the Ilorin forces, and eventually “Oyo was plundered of nearly everything…

Jimbo(the leader of the Ilorin forces) took away all of the Egungun dress (ancestral masquerades), and forced the citizens to accept the Koran.“ 

A few years later, around 1835-36, Oyo troops attempted to reassert their authority over once submissive northern Yorùbá towns but were defeated. After this defeat with the Ilorin forces lead by Lanloke, Oyo, the great metropolis was deserted, some fled to Kihisi, some to Igboho, and some even to Ilorin....

Such was the fall of the great metropolis Eyeo or Katunga, the ancient Oyo, still lies in ruins.” 

Samuel Johnson

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