Saturday 22 July 2023

Ifá as a science of spirituality

Ifá exposes us to ORÍ and destiny within the context of Time and Space thereby eliminating the twin concepts of luck and coincidences.

Destiny is a natural preprogrammed, preconceived, premeditated and celestial ordained courses of actions in the individual for execution here in the terrestrial space or earth.

Destiny would always come to manifestations and fruition in the appointed time and place!

Ìdáfá, Ìbọrí, ẹbọ rírú, ètùtù are all catalysts to actualization of destinies.

Àyànmọ́ kò gbóògùn

Orí lẹlẹ́jọ́...

Destiny can't ever be denied because Orí would demand justice.

Àse òrìsà!!!

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