Thursday 6 July 2023


In March 2, 2007 Muammar Gaddafi declared himself a ''soldier for Africa'', Gaddafi called on the continent to unite under a single government so it could compete in a globalize world. Africa Unite.

For Africa, the matter is to be or not to be. My vision is to wake up the African leaders to unify our continent. "African Union Now" and "African Government Now" If the African masses are enlightened and aware and take the right decision, then Africa will come into being.

How can an African country face a Europe that is united, negotiate with a big USA (or Japan or China)?

Either we live in Africa or we die in Africa, no more migration. Africa is our mother, how can we leave our mother? 

It is a premature movement. We have lots of ethnic, financial and economic hassles which need to be addressed before we think of a united African continent.  ~ Muammar Gaddafi

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