Wednesday 19 July 2023


KOLABATA CULTURAL HERITAGE PROCLAIMER is a young artist of cultural heritage born & bread in Bogileje's Compound, Oke oja Igbajo, Osun state. a Performing Artist, Percussionist, dancer, a Choreographer & a businessman before he formed his band KolaBata & Erimoje African Musik & Dance Company in 2006. KOLABATA a Practitioner of Theatre Arts from University of Ibadan where he received tutelage from the likes of Prof. Wole Soyinka, Prof. Femi Osofisan, Prof. J.P. Clark, Dr. Tunde Awosanmi, Prof. Alu-Bedeen, Dr. Chuks, Mike Bamiloye, Prof. Dapo Adelugba, Abdul Yisa Onibasa (Alajota) and Dr. Jide Molomo. 

The band came to limelight after their performances at both International & national productions of Dance, Music & Performance platforms. His training in Disability management made him a member of Spolan Community Communication. Kolapo Akinola popularly known as  Kolabata became a Cultural Ambassador after he Travelled to represent Nigeria in various Festival both home and abroad like Germany, London, Kruazia, Zagreb, Turkey, South Africa, Kenya, ,Dubai, Togo, Benin Republic and so on. His DREAM is to add a new dimension to the music & entertainment industry & also create an avenue to uplift the young & talented upcoming, mostly DISABLE PEOPLE in their zeal to fulfill their desire. 

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