Thursday 20 July 2023


In 1753, Benjamin Banneker created the first functioning clock in the U.S entirely out of wood, it was so advanced it kept accurate time for over 50 years.

He also helped survey and design Washington D.C.

During his funeral, all his belongings including the clock were destroyed in a mysterious house fire.

Benjamin Banneker, A Mathematician and astronomer who planned all the construction of the U.S. Capitol, in Washington D.C., Benjamin Banneker is known for The first African American To create a scientific book, an almanac published in 1791. Banneker’s book contained information on many subject including weather forecasting, ellipses, medicine and essays calling for the free education and the abolition of physical punishment of school children. President Jefferson sent copies of Banneker's almanac to the French commons and The British House of commons as a proud example of America's scientific and cultural accomplishments. Banneker is also credited with building the first Clock in assembled in the U.S.

Born in Maryland in 1731, Banneker was the son of an African-American who freed himself. Banneker  worked as a farmer while studying science in his spare time. After inventing his clock, he predicted the eclipse of the sun in 1789. In 1791 he was appointed by President Washington to assist surveyor Andrew Elliott and architect Pierre L'Enfant in planning the capitol building.  After L'Enfant resigned and took his maps with him to France Banneker become responsible for completing the the white house. He’s credited with designing Washington DC in its ENTIRETY.

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