Wednesday 5 July 2023

Odù Ifá Òtúrá Rẹtẹ̀

Truth may be bitter but it must be said.

The cheats, liars, impersonators, scammers, fraudsters, 419, yahoo yahoo internet thieves and other undesirable souls have no hiding place in Ìṣẹ̀ṣe. They shall definitely be exposed no matter how long it takes.

This is revealed in the Odù, Òtúrá Rẹtẹ̀, cast for today's Ọ̀sẹ̀ Ifá as follows :-

B'ọ́rọ̀ bá bá ọlọgbọ́n òmùgọ̀ ní ńdà

Adífá fun Àtàǹkókó ọ̀gbẹ̀rì

Tí kò gbọ́fá tí kò gbọ́ 'yẹ̀rẹ̀ tí ó ń jẹun Ifá kiri

Àtàǹkókó ọ̀gbẹ̀rì, Ifá tún fi ọ́ sùn lójú ìran

If the wise is confronted with delicate issues, he/she may become foolish

Divine Message revealed to Àtàǹkókó Ọ̀gbẹ̀rì (uninitiated)

Who has no knowledge of Ifá and its poetry but he's unscrupulously reaping the fruits he never sow, defrauding innocent souls 

Behold the fake priest,  Ifá has exposed you in your own dream.

The story:

The man, Àtàǹkókó Ọ̀gbẹ̀rì, never learn anything from his father, a proficient Babaláwo when the old man was alive.  Immediately his father passed on, he inherited his Ọ̀pẹ̀lẹ̀ (divining chain) and started parading himself as a Babaláwo . His father's clients and friends and many innocent people patronised him, performing divination and initiation. He was making a lot of money until one day Ọ̀rúnmìlà appeared in his dream to warn him of the tragedy awating him. He got scared and consulted a true Babalawo who advised him to stop his fraudulent activities. He complied and started learning from the Babaláwo. He became successful.

Fellow brothers and sisters in Ìṣẹ̀ṣe, age is no barrier to Ifá/Òrìṣà studies. Even initiation to Ifá or Òrìṣà does not instantly make you Babaláwo/Ìyáláwo/Ìyánífá/Bàbálórìṣà/Ìyálórìṣà. You have to study. Righteousness is always rewarded.

Ẹni tí ó bá létí kó gbọ́

Those who have ears should hear. 

Stay blessed.

From Araba of Oworonsoki land Lagos Nigeria

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