Thursday 27 July 2023

Aláàfin Abíọ́dún (1770-1789)

Born in the times of turmoil

He made sure he cured the boil

Oyo, the lord of Dahomey, the fear of the Ashanthenes

About to implode, then came the father of Adéyẹmí....

Gaha, the terrible weed, shaking the the West African Rose to its roots....

Abiodun, the gardener, uprooted him and planted peace that soothes

Abiodun, whose son's suns can't be hidden

Àtìbà got crowned king,

'Ládìgbòlù got crowned king,

Adéyẹmí Ọláyíwọlá got crowned king....

Slavery couldn't wash away the lustre, the Atlantic couldn't fade off the glory, Candidão da Fonseca Galvão became king in Brazil

Olúyọ̀lé was one of the greatest in Ibadan history....

When I stopped seeing my king, I got overcome with grief and fear,

The one whose dealing with all was fair.

It will take an eternity to get a king like Abiodun....

A ruthless lion in times of war and scare

A fatherly dove while peace smiles on our markets and square

Abiodun...The sweet lord of Ọ̀yọ́,

Who was there for us in all life's sphere.

•Candidão da Fonseca Galvão became a military leader and revered nobleman with the titles "Dom Ọba II d'Africa" And "O príncipe do povo" [The People's Prince]

(In the picture is Alaafin 'Ladigbolu, son of Alaafin Abíọ́dún Adégoólú)

Written by Akinadé Ọ̀wọ́adé

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