Friday 28 July 2023


People underestimate the level of discipline and mental capacity it takes to be a Babalawo.

To be qualified, you need to commit 4,000 poems to memory, there is no single book that contains all the Odus, this is not inclusive of the Ebos and Etutus.

In addition to that, they have been able to pass down this corpus from generation to generation for over roughly 4,000 years.

A modern computer programmer do not memorise all the functions of a programming language, and there are just 68 of them in Python Programming Language.

The problem here is, we have been brains-washed, and we cannot see the diamond in the rough for what it is. You don’t have to follow Ifa, but give your ancestors some bloody credit.

Open your eyes and decolonise your mind!

Credit @damilare

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