Tuesday 11 July 2023


More than a century ago, there was a beautiful homestead located in Ilishan Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria. This homestead belonged to a man named Shonowo Owodunni, who was known for his love of architecture.

The homestead was designed in a classic Nigerian style, with steeply pitched roofs and a thatch finish. The walls were made of red brick, and the windows were inset with colorful stained glass.

The main house was a two-story structure, with a large foyer at the entrance. The living room was to the left, and it was decorated with plush cushions and earth-toned rugs. The dining room was situated opposite the living room, and it had an intricately carved wooden table that could seat 12 guests.

Upstairs were the bedrooms, with the master bedroom boasting a large four-poster bed and a balcony that overlooked the gardens surrounding the homestead. There was also a library on this level, with shelves that reached the ceiling and were filled with books on various subjects.

The homestead was surrounded by a lush garden, with a large courtyard and a fountain at the center. The courtyard was paved with beautiful tiles and decorated with colorful flowers and shrubs.

Shonowo Owodunni was proud of his homestead, and he knew that it would serve as a legacy for many generations to come. He hoped that it would inspire others to appreciate the beauty of architecture and to create their own unique masterpieces in the years to come.

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