Sunday 16 July 2023

What is Spirituality?

It is Life and what all life consists of. It is not man made like religion.

The word SPIRIT by SYNONYMIC definition means ENERGY, which we all possess within. The ENERGY which can’t be destroyed nor created, it just changes form.

It is knowing that EVERYTHING is mental.

It is knowing that you have all the power within to control your own life. Nobody tells you to do anything. But YOURSELF.

It is knowing that you attract whatever you constantly put your thought to. Your thoughts and perception become YOUR reality.

It is knowing that you are in ONENESS with the Universe which is a consciousness, the source and the totality of everything, all natural creation.

Knowing your ancestors who lived before you. Your generations down are Spirits (Energy) and are with you the more you are attuned.

It is knowing that you have the choice to be God like (Good) or Devil like (Evil) (Bad) with your free will, and reap whatever you choose.

It is knowing that not worrying about anything will make your vibration and frequency higher, which will put you more in tune and will cause everything to work out in your favor.

It is knowing that we are also the Universe experiencing itself from different human perspectives creating the life we want.

It is knowing that for every Cause there’s an Effect.

It is knowing that people’s perception of you is none of your business. We have our own individual life.

Knowing that YOU are the Generator. Operator and Destroyer.

Via Carbon Alchemy

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