Friday 14 July 2023


The narrative that Oduduwa came from Mecca is a deliberate perversion of Yoruba history. As at the time that Oduduwa roamed the earth, there was no such nation as Saudi Arabia nor was there a city named Mecca.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was created, shortly after the First World War, by the British, and it's the British who gifted the Kingdom to Abdulaziz Al Saud; an agent who helped the League of Nations defeat the Ottomans (aka Ataman Turks). Prior to the Ottomans' defeat, the entire North-East Africa including what became Saudi Arabia (now the "Middle East") was under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Empire. So, do you really think the Ottomans performed annual pilgrimage to Mecca; a vassal, arid city in a vassal state they ruled over?

Suffices to say, Mecca is only relevant today because the Kaaba is situated there. In other words, Mecca is not an ancient city. According to the Quranic geography, the Kaaba was originally located in the ancient city of Petra, in present day Jordan. However, due to the conflicts between the Umayyad and the Abbasid, the Kaaba had to be relocated to a buffer zone in the arid city of Mecca.

Now that we've severed the Oduduwa-Mecca link, let's examine the true origin of Oduduwa. "The present Oba in Ife is 51st after Oduduwa; Oduduwa has always been in Ifa either as a male or female" - Akin Lawanson. If Oduduwa had migrated from somewhere else and the Ifa message in his 'esentaiye' ceremony had been OFUN MEJI, Oduduwa's name would have been changed to Obatala immediately. And today, every Yoruba would be a child of Obatala. But that never happened! Instead, the Ogede that was chanted for Oduduwa was this:


A difa fun Odu

Ni igba ti o nti orun bo waye

won ni ko sebo

Igba kan ati omo ori igba...

Opo merin ati ewon" - Akin Lawanson

It is clear, from the above divination, the oracle asked Odu during his descent from heaven to make a sacrifice (I.e. ebo) so as to be blessed with good character (I.e. Iwapele). Thus, the origin of the name "Oduduwa," meaning the source of good character.

Consequently, as evidenced by the recited Ogede above, Oduduwa descended from Orun and not from Mecca. I implore Yoruba Mohammedans, vehemently, to stop linking Yoruba history with Islamic foolishness!

By Arabirin Sola.

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