Wednesday 1 May 2024


At 31 years old, this Nigerian mother was in for a surprise when she welcomed her twin boys into the world in February. The journey of raising Daniel and David, who are identical twins with strikingly different appearances, has led to a regular question for their mom: which one is hers?

Stacy and Babajide, couple living in Lagos, are proud parents to these unique boys. One being albino, both boys have distinctly different looks, with David showcasing stunningly pale skin and golden hair, a sharp contrast to Daniel's resemblance to his older sister Demilade, with dark skin and curly black hair.

The twins' unique appearance draws attention wherever they go, often leading to curious inquiries about their familial relationship. Stacy, with her warm smile, recounts the joy and challenges of parenting these wonderful boys, navigating the complexities of identity, perception, and the beauty of diversity within their own family unit.

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