Wednesday 8 May 2024


Did you know that the Alien in the 1979 Famous movie "THE ALIEN" was played by a Yoruba man - Bolaji Badejo!

The Movie made over $184.7 million at the Box Office.

Badejo studied abroad in the United States before moving to London, England, to get specialized training as a graphic designer. Bodejo was unusually tall, standing at a height of 2.08 meters (6 feet and 10 inches). Director Ridley Scott's casting crew was seeking a tall person to play the creature in his upcoming film.

Badejo, as a 26-year-old design student, was discovered drinking in a bar by a member of the casting team, who put him in touch with Scott. Scott believed that Badejo, at 6 feet 10 inches (208 cm) (7 feet (210 cm) inside the costume) and with a slender frame, could portray the alien and look as if his arms and legs were too long to be real.

The success of Alien spawned the Alien franchise. Badejo was offered a role in a sequel, but moved back to Nigeria in 1980; this led to the sequels incorporating more puppetryaadx and animation alongside several suit performers. Alien is his sole film credit.

After his return to Nigeria, Badejo began running his own art gallery in 1983. He died from sickle cell disease at the age of 39.

Source : Yoruba Nations

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