Saturday 1 July 2023

12 Things To Know

1. Self Respect: If you have to beg someone to treat you like a decent human being, leave.

2. True Colors: When someone shows who they are with actions, not words, believe them. Words mean nothing, actions mean everything.

3. Love: Most won’t find it, and if you do, appreciate it, and practice patience. The one you love the most can inflict the most damage.

4. Trust: Don’t willingly give it away. Make a person gain your trust. Be selective on who you give it to. Most people aren’t worthy of it.

5. Priority: If a partner shows you time and time again that you are not a priority, believe them.

6. Health: Treat your body with love, or you will suffer the consequences.

7. 100 years from now: You most likely won’t be remembered by many, and you’ll be a distant memory to some. Make a lasting impression, and learn who and what matters!

8. Selfishness : There are a lot of selfish people in the world. The more empathic you are, the more you will attract users. Stay on alert!

9. Self Awareness: We aren’t born with it. We develop it with life lessons. Pay careful attention. Without it, you will suffer immensely. Understand yourself so people don’t define you with their own meanings, and you believe them!

10. Childhood Trauma: If you don’t deal with it, it has a way of dealing with itself. You will find the most abusive toxic humans. You will meet the very person to relive all that unhealed trauma you knew nothing about, in the same abusive way, maybe worse. Learn to heal!

11. Self Love: Take care of yourself, don’t look to others for your self worth. Know that you are enough!

12. Don’t settle : You might regret it later!

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