Tuesday 4 January 2022


Do I have Christian and Muslim audience who can confidently say that "Èṣù is not Satan?" "Irunmoles are not demons/idols"?

As long as a sizeable number of Yoruba population still consider Èṣù to be Satan, there can't be unity in Yoruba land and there can't be progress.


Because if the national orientation is divided along sinners/kafir/infidels and righteous on the grounds of the choice of one's religion, then unity has been mortgaged.

Religion is the fertile ground for the divide and rule tactics employed by the colonialists. Africa must recognize this and find a way to rise above it.

It either outlaws Christianity/Islam on the continent or it reforms them such that there will be no grounds for discrimination, demonization and persecution coming from any of the religious sects.

By Ayobami Ogedengbe

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