Monday 3 January 2022

2022, the calm before the 2023 storm

This is the last full year of the 2000 years of Olokun Era of religious and political dogma, since from March 2023 Oya lights up and energizes the 2000yr Shango Era that actually stated on August 11th 1999, but needed the Apocalypse knowledge of Obatala till 2008, then started breaking up the Olokun structures from 2008 to 2023, before entering Shango house of Aquarius, an era  wrongly labelled the Judgement Day by Abrahamists instead of Judgement Age. We live in interesting times that go beyond mere solar years.

The cosmic essences don't follow the solar year based on the cyclic movement of the Sun/Orunmila, which brings weather seasons that are mostly connected to agriculture and basic human endeavors of feeding. The celebration of New Year and Xmas are basic celebrations of agricultural and menial work and profits. Xmas is actually Saturnilia 'pagan' festival of Rome, the cyclic influence of when the Sun is in Obaluaye/Saturn sphere.

The two and half year cycle of Ogun/Mars that started with its retrograde during EndSars/ separatists threats, continues till 20th August 2022 before it enters Esu/Gemini when the phase of hard talk and negotiations starts. It is still possible that we face revolts and anarchy before August, but the chances are reducing. Unless Obatala that moves into Oguns house from May can spark widespread anarchy between May and August 2022.

Obaluaye/Saturn is still in Shango/Aquarius from December 17th to March 7th 2023, structuring our quest for Justice.

Ultimately, the heavy talks inspired by Oguns retrograde in Esu house of Gemini from August 2022 would either inspire peaceful concensus change or bring down the whole political system when Oya/Pluto (Revolutionary change) enter Shango/Aquarius house in March 23th 2023. So we must be very mindful of what we do collectively or who we support for presidency in February 2023, otherwise the election results will set us on fire.

Oya/Pluto enters Shango/Aquarius in March 23 2023 and then reverses back into Obaluaye house of Capricorn over 2023 and 2024 (June 11 2023, January 21st, September 2nd and November 19th 2024). This might result in the universe battering global political structures with Covid, as we might actually face 7 plagues that decimate those holding onto unjust political systems.

The last time Oya visited Shango, 250yrs ago, we had the American, French and Haiti Revolutions, before which in 1520 we had the breakup of the 1500yr Roman Catholic Empire, Oyo/Nupe wars leading to creating of Aare Onakankanfo stool etc. This time around the quest for Justice would be several times stronger due to the 2000yr change in civilizations and global consciousness Esu, please fasten your seat belts and ultimately stand for Justice or be destroyed. 

The 2022 economy might be better than 2021 economy when Obaluaye and Obatala clashed with Shango, thrice constricting economic growth.

If you are looking for a massive change personally and collectively, 2022 is the year to build and early 2023 by March, you will begin to earn the rewards of your work. The most beneficial work towards change would be on the digital market under the auspices of Shango. Youth are advised to build digital businesses. 

The year 2022 starts off with Venus/Osun retrograde known to cause problems in relationships, especially romantic as we have witnessed that of Ooni Of Ife and Queen Naomi. They married during the Osun retrograde in October 2018 and broke apart two retrogrades afterwards. Being a retrograde, we misjudge the situation and we might see Naomi changing her mind to reverse the breakup. Although unfortunately, the retrograde reveals a side we don't want revealed and leads to loss of faith even if fences are mended. It is advisable not to marry or invest in new businesses in Osun/Venus retrograde, in this case from December 19th to January 29th. Venus/Osun retrogrades for 40 days and 40 nights.

Esu/Mercury retrogrades from 14th January to 3rd February, during which miscommunication is rife. Don't buy phones, cars and listen well before reacting. Relationships also break up during Esu retrogrades. Esu retrogrades are good for editing, or redoing what was previously done unsatisfactorily, but if you start or buy any new gadget or business agreement, you will have to come back to renegotiate. Products bought like cars bought during retrogrades always comeback with problems during subsequent retrogrades.

All other planets retrograde and its always about redoing or going over covered grounds later. For example, when Obatala retrogrades, you reexamine your ideals and philosophy.

Source: ASHE Foundation

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