Saturday 2 October 2021


Do you know that among the disciples of any righteous Ifá Adept (either Babaláwo or Ìyánífá), there will certainly be an “incarnate of Òpèlè” who will unrighteously betray the Ifá Adept?

In ancient times, Ifá Spirituality was the Arcanum Arcanorum (Mystery of Mysteries) and it was the institutional body of “Occultism” among every other forms of ancient African Multi-Religious (Ìsòrò) practices like — Oranfe Religion, Obatala Religion, Oduduwa Religion, Olokun Religion, Osun Religion, Ogun Religion, Obaluwaye Religion, etc... traditionally, all these ancient African religions have different religious doctrines and secrets (which are hidden and forbidden) from each other and their devotees fellowships differently (and sometimes contrarily) to each other, just the same way it's happening with the modern-day religions.

Whereas many religions were practiced differently (and controversially) during the early era of creation, because after the creation of earth (which was the last and the “All-inclusive World” among others that were created), the Assembly of Divinities (Irúnmolè) were authorized by the Supreme Being (Olódùmarè) to administer and oversee the affairs of the worlds (including earth) as divine messengers on behalf of Olódùmarè... Acting independently for the first time in existence, the Irúnmolè(s) disagreed on leadership roles among themselves and each decided to rule his/her individual space in his/her or own way. As mystical beings, each procreate individual cultures of which their individual religions were born and contrary to that, — ÒRÚNMÌLÀ, ÈSÙ and ÌYÀMI ÒSÒRÒNGÀ were the only ones who decided to be as they were originally created and did not also procreated any religion (in their individual rights) but instead united together against the other Irúnmolè(s), embarked on “celestial pilgrimage” and reported the controversial situation to Olódùmarè.

Being already knowledgeable of the whole situation before it was reported, Olódùmarè cursed the multi-religious Irunmole(s) — that even with all their numerous mystical powers, they shall lack the Three All-Inclusive Powers — “Enlightenment, Authority and Ecstasy”. And for the three righteous divinities, Olódùmarè bestowed upon them the Three All-Inclusive Powers — ÒRÚNMÌLÀ attained Enlightenment (Ifá), ÈSÙ attained Authority (Àse) and ÌYÀMI ÒSÒRÒNGÀ attained Ecstasy (Ebo)... And onward, the righteous three divinities assembled and formed a “Mystery Cult (Awo Olódù)” swearing an oath to never reveal the secrets of their All-Inclusive Powers to other Irúnmolè(s)... and it was from that point that other Irúnmolè(s) became dependable on “Òrúnmìlà, Èsù and Ìyàmi Òsòròngà” for the righteous leadership and administration of the earth on behalf of Olódùmarè.

When mankind sufferings in the world was almost becoming unbearable for Òrúnmìlà because of the widely patronage of his Enlightenment (Ifá) to illuminate all issues on earth, Òrúnmìlà decided to enrol “a personal assistant and messenger” who was Òpèlè (a poet and geomancer). Òpèlè was hardworking and ambitious, also he was a talkative. He was trusted by Òrúnmìlà and most times he would accompany Òrúnmìlà to the secret meetings of the Mystery Cult (Awo Olódù). Later on, Òpèlè became knowledgeable of all the unrevealing secrets of Òrúnmìlà, Èsù and Ìyàmi Òsòròngà....

At one point, Olódùmarè then commissioned Òrúnmìlà, Èsù and Ìyàmi Òsòròngà for an important affair in another world and Òpèlè was left behind to keep maintaining the sanctuary of Òrúnmìlà. Several moons past without the return of Òrúnmìlà, and the monastic lifestyle became unbearable for Òpèlè in the absence of his master whose return was uncertain. So, Òpèlè being a talkative, then decided to reveal the secrets of the Mystery Cult (Awo Olódù) to other Irúnmolè(s) in return for money, foods and material things... Òrúnmìlà returned from the long journey and realized that he has been betrayed by Òpèlè in an unrighteous manner. The Mystery Cult (Awo Olódù) was ridiculed, mocked and disgraced by other Irúnmolè(s) out of envy and jealousy... And to restore the glory of the Mystery Cult (Awo Olódù) in protection of the secrets of the All-Inclusive Powers, Òpèlè was then sacrificially consecrated into an “Object of Odù” with the “Vow of Silence” and could only talk in code when asked!

(Kindly note that this revelation is “The Chronicle of Òrúnmìlà & Òpèlè” by Emperor Alafia ॐ — It is not an African Oral Literature, Myth or Folklore... Painting by Carmen Cordova)

By Emperor Alafia ॐ

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