Friday 15 October 2021

We should no longer harm others!

No longer must we harm others to satisfy our personal desires. Now we may taste or enjoy anything; but it must not cause or bring harm to others.

We must not satisfy any of our personal desires at the detriment or suffering of others, of any of our neighbours, who, like us are also wandering through the Earth and Creation. We are allowed to wander through, but we must not harm others.

Like everything else, business relationship now must be ennobled. No longer cut throat competition. No cunningly, cleverly, diplomatically or forcefully taking over of what belongs to others, our neighbours, their territories. No longer subjecting them to inner suffering, no destabilising, unsettling them, pushing them to painful thoughts and distress.

No longer doing business as usual. No more attempting to drive our neighbours or anybody out of business; or take advantage of their weaknesses.

They must live, make money and profit as we too do.

Now we should relate with whoever we transact business with trustfully and lovingly. We should serve them, build trust, confidence and harmony. We should engender peace.

Now we should do business with a difference! 

By Banji Ayoola

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