Wednesday 13 October 2021

Iléefá - Ìwàlodù

Iléefá is known as the whole universe, the unknown and invisible part is known as Ọ̀run while the visible and known part is known as Ayé.

Every creature is known as character (behavior) of Olódùmarè. Because we are all present in the net, known as Odù, every one as a character is also an Odù in the mother board.

Here, as people of Ifá Olódùmarè, one of the original peoples of the universe, we take it as part of our responsibility to see Ifá beyond divination.

Ifá as a secret to traditional science and technology which is the key to modern science and technology will now be taught and research on.

To live our lives naturally and divinely, we take Ifá for what it is, we consider the past Ifá revelation, present revelation and shall create a suitable room for future revelations.

Here, as far as Ifá continues to be infinite, Odù in verses is infinite. Let us activate ourselves to be closer to Olódùmarè for ourselves and the future of spiritual nation.

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