Sunday 31 October 2021


“There is God and there are gods; In God there are gods and in the gods there is God.”

God is a transcultural word of diverse relative meanings identifying the ‘source of being’; an indescribable and ineffable being also termed as Deity.

The discovery of God (as an Almighty Being) originated as the existence of several deities and avatars in the universal nature of one Supreme Deity... Since primordial times, curiosity drives the nature of mankind from the point of knowing oneself and reasonably understanding the mechanism of creation. Through ancestral evolutionary experiences and supernatural discoveries, mankind realized the paramount existence of the ‘source of being’ and avatars of the ‘source of being’.

The ‘source of being’ is nameless and formless, but by the identity of its (primordial, past and present avatars), the characteristics of God or the ‘source of being (as diverse deities)’ becomes the first true knowledge of mankind in various ways and dimensions.

From the beginning of the natural world, the omnipresent avatars (or primordial deities) exists in physical plane alongside humankind on earth, each and every deities are individually administered with sacred obligations which maintains the existence of the natural world. The earth, sky, sun, moon, stars, day, night, water, air, fire... are few examples of the deities sustaining the creation. They are infinite, immortal and indestructible.

Past and present avatars of God also exists in many different forms of which natural and spiritual devotion revolves around. The avatar apotheosis is a mystical process of transfiguration from a natural being into a transcendental entity. Be it a stone or tree or man, the avatars personifies the extraordinary and phenomenal characteristics of the deities.

Ordained, enthroned and blessed by the deities in representation of God, — glorified incarnations presides over the spiritual and natural welfare of the world and also mediates between the deities and mankind. Bodily, they are mortal and are limited by natural circumstances, but spiritually they are infinite, immortal and indestructible like the deities that they embodies.

Thus, there's God and there are gods... an Ultimate Reality encompassing the divinity of God as the supreme deity, primordial deities and glorified incarnations; all together as the ‘source of being’.


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