Monday 11 October 2021

Aronipin nii fun’ni lagbondo adie je

"Those who underestimate one's worth are the ones given one of the jaw of a fowl for consumption."

[Ọ̀yẹ̀kúbatuyẹ - Chap. 43 | Ifá matrix of west african indigenous wisdom & system of knowledge production]

As a new week starts, may Ògún removes from the human ecosystems within which we evolve those who do not only participate to our growth, elevation, wellbeing, to making us feel loved, appreciated, valued, or simply good but also who underestimate, debase, mock, slander or curse us. Àṣẹ!

Ogun yeeeee mo yeeeeee

Ogun pele o

Omo a bu ile se owo

Onile owo

Olona ola

Ogun onire

Ohun gbogbo aye ti Ogun ni

Ogun kole ko ni ilekun

Ogun yeeeeeeeeeeee mo yeeeeeeeeeeeee [traditional greeting to Ògún]

Greetings Ogun

You who transform the soil in money

The owner of the house of money

The owner of the path of prosperity

Ogun, king of Ire

All that there is in the world belongs to him

He who built a house and placed in it a door for all to come in

Olomi nile f'eje we, a juba yin loni, jeki a le sin maa jeki a pedin.

He who having fresh water at home prefers to bath in blood, we pay homage to you today, help us moving forward and do not let us go backwards.

By Oluwo Fatoogun

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