Tuesday 12 October 2021


I am very happy to be 'luko' 

If being cultural is being 'luko' 

I am glad being 'ọmọoko' 

If being traditional is my 'kókó' 

Tell me a Yorùbá word that belongs to 'Èkó'

What makes 'ará èkó' better than 'ará oko' 

And not an English word like choco 

Tell me a Yorùbá word for cocoa 

So stop calling 'kókò' ni 'kóóko' 

Only yorùbá man I see 

Calling his language vernacular 

Being educated is lack of initiative atimes 

If your language is to you a vernacular

Stop replacing 'Ẹ Ṣé' with thank you 

Stop replacing 'ó dàbọ̀' with bye bye 

Say 'Àgò' and be replied 'Àgò yà' 

Not hello that sounds like o! Hell

Why must religion destroy my language 

Take religion out of language if you can 

Accepting someone's religion is accepting their culture 

Because, in language, culture is secured

'Salaam Alaekum' is not compulsory 

Once 'Alaafia fun yin' is equivalent 

Better still, you say 'káàárọ̀' or  'ẹ káàárọ̀ 

And at night 'Ẹ Káalẹ́' is worthy 

Ìbà Olódùmarè! is Bismillahi

Say 'Ìbà Olódùmarè' before your action 

Al-amdu lillah is also great 

But, Ògo fún Olódùmarè is the best

Say 'Ẹ káàárọ̀', instead of good morning 

'Ẹ káàsán', instead of good afternoon 

'Ẹ kú ìrọ̀lẹ́', instead of good evening 

Though 'Ẹ káalẹ́' doesn't mean good night but 'Ó dàárọ̀!

Most children can't greet in our languages 

So our beauty is dying with religion 

They even say Salam Alaekum to christians 

Because it is now a normal greeting to them

I am a temple of my culture 

If you wish, say I am so lubush 

Remember where your feedings come from 

Most of your grand fathers were born in the bush

Though I am not yet there 

Where I need to stabilize my wish 

I wish to be my culture black and white 

That I will never shift from the core of it

Let me remind you 

My language is rich 

To the downstream of ocean 

For higher demand, for heaven is witch 

Let me teach you some words 

If you love I will text 

Word means ọ̀rọ̀ 

While World means Ayé 

Money! 'Owó' is money 

Treasure! 'Wúrà' and gold 

Afẹ́fẹ́ or atẹ́gùn is air 

Ìji is wind and wind 

Let us go! Jẹ́ ká lọ 

Come and eat! Wá jẹun 

Mo ní ìfẹ́ ẹ̀ rẹ! I love you 

Hug me! Means Wà mọ́ mi 

Guraya Mashaya

By Oríadé Ìpọ̀sọ́lá Ajétẹ̀lú (S. A. FỌỌWẸ́WẸ́)

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