Tuesday 5 October 2021

Ẹbọ - The Universal Justice

The Right, Respect and Sacrifice

"Rírú ẹbọ ní ń gbe ni, àìrú kìí gbè 'nìyàn."

Sacrifice, Ẹbọ is majorly a science of giving and taking. You lack because something or someone lacks something you have. This is not known until you take a move and that move is the point of sacrifice. Think about this and understand why there are varieties of Ẹbọ, physically and spiritually.

Ẹbọ as a right says everyone and everything has his own right and that is a link between all creatures.

Ẹbọ as respect says; so far ẹbọ is a right, it is also a respect being planted by Olódùmarè in every creature for mutual existence. Without right, no respect.

Ẹbọ as sacrifice says: So far ẹbọ is a right that establishes respect in individual, giving everyone his right respectfully needs a lot of sacrifices and the sacrifices too are Ẹbọ.

You will understand this when a divination is made and you are advised to do this or that. 

Your body is fully an ẹbọ, not respecting it could lead to illness.

Your family is linked to you with Ẹbọ, not respecting or sacrificing it could lead to violence. Think more and more.

Comprehensively, Ẹbọ is everyone's right or compatibility. Bíbọ means giving everyone/everything his/its right.

Summary: ẹbọ is a right to be sacrificed respectively. Without Ẹbọ, there cannot be law. Without law, there cannot be judgement. And, without judgement, there can never be justice.

Why is everything Ebo to you? When you pray and we say ASE, it is Ebo.

When we bow for parent, it is Ebo.

When we dance, it is Ebo.

When we use charm, it is Ebo.

Abeg! Who is your teacher? Let's see if he is perfect and may be a natural master to tell us what Olódùmarè, The Creator has taught him/her directly.

However, we should have argued all these with you, but we will not. Why? Because, you thought ẹbọ is negative, though. But, in pure sense of Yorùbá usage, Ẹbọ means the equal right that links all creatures together. The respect that is reciprocal.

There are three major Sacrifices.

- Ẹbọ orí

- Ẹbọ ẹnu

- Ẹbọ ilẹ̀

Ẹbọ orí - by praising your head and Isure. And avoiding all that is not compatible with your head.

Ẹbọ ẹnu - feeding your family and most importantly your parents. Because, bàbà ẹni ní òòsà ilé, ìyá ẹni ní òòsà ọjà. However, burning could also mean Ẹbọ ẹnu. Because there are mouths to heaven and earth and with burning of good scent can cause heaven to be fed. Also, pouring good perfumes on the body could mean feeding the earth.

Ẹbọ ilẹ̀ - this is feeding other lives on earth, from animals to other things on earth. When pour anything on soil, it is not for the soil but the creatures living in soil. You must know what you do and how it works. This is pure sacrifice - Ẹbọ.

However, there is a very secretly open ẹbọ that many people overlook and that is Ẹbọ Ìwà (Sacrifice of Character).

Sacrifice of Character:

Ẹbọ Ìwà is the most important ẹbọ. There are many ways this ẹbọ is used to make change and solve problems. So, you have to take care of your self and brain to really understand what Ẹbọ means and why it is natural in spirituality.

Read this ẹsẹ ifa:

"Agbọ́ngbọ́n, àwọn wọn l'ode Ìlorèé 

Àgbàyàngìdì, awo òde Ìjẹ̀ṣà. 

Ọkùnrin yàngìdì yangidi

Ní Wọ́n dì ní àtípá. 

A díá fún Olóòyìmẹ̀fún, 

Yóó bulẹ̀ Olówu roko.....

Wọ́n ní o bọọ́gún ilé. 

Ó bọọ́gún ilé, 

Ẹbọọ  rẹ̀ ò fín. 

Wọ́n ní o bòòṣà ọjà. 

Ó bòòṣà ọjà, 

Ẹbọọ rẹ̀ ò dà. 

Òòṣà ọjà ò gbà.....

Wọ́n ní ó bọrí. 

Ó bọrí, 

Orí pá.....

Wọ́n ní ó bọlẹ̀, 

Ó bọlẹ̀, 

Ilẹ̀ẹ́ lu.....

Wọ́n ní ó bọ Olúbọ̀bọ̀tiribọ̀, baba ẹbọ. 

Ó ní òún mọ̀ pé Baba ẹni l'eégún ilé. 

Òún mọ̀ pé ìyá ẹni l'òòsà ọjà. 

Ó ní òún m'orí lórí o;

Òún m'ọlẹ̀ nílẹ̀, 

Ó ní òun ò mọ ohun tí í jẹ Olúbọ̀bọ̀tiribọ̀, baba ẹbọ 

Wọ́n ní ẹnu, 

Ẹnu ní í jẹ Olúbọ̀bọ̀tiribọ̀, baba ẹbọ....

Ǹjẹ́ kín l'a ń bọ nÍfẹ̀. 

Ẹnu wọn. 

Ẹnuu wọn l'à ń bọ nÍfẹ̀, 

Ẹnuu wọn.....

Mo fún'gbá, 

Mo f'áwo. 

Ẹnuu wọn. 

Ẹnuu wọn kò mọ̀ lè rí ni bá jà. 

Ẹnuu wọn....

Mo wálé, 

Mo wánà. 

Ẹnuu wọn. 

Ẹnuu wọn kò mọ̀ lè rí mi bá jà. 

Ẹnuu wọn.

When you read this, in Ìfẹ́, ẹnu is the best point of ẹbọ. So respect the mouth.

Finally, ẹnu l'ẹbọ. This is not just an ordinary statement but a divine directive telling you to feed the mouths with appropriate respect of its right to serve as sacrifice from you and the mouth also does its own part of sacrifice by accepting your feed. 

At the same time, it is telling you to be cautious of what you say. 

Remember, everything has a double opposite rights. Right to accept and right to reject. All these are upon the original covenant among all creatures. 

Àìrú ẹbọ 

Àti àìtètèrú 

Ọ̀kan ni wọn

Note: when it comes to any form sacrifice, time is a big factor. That is why it say, there is no difference between disobedience and late obedience to sacrifice. It is called TIME FACTOR.


Pen: Oríadé Ìpọ̀sọ́lá Ajétẹ̀lú 

Source: www.agloglob.com

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