Saturday 9 October 2021

It’s Ose Osoosi!

The life history of OSOOSI was revealed under several ODU of IFA with different verses in different formats. However the setting up of his cult was fully clarified in IFA EJIOKO;

          Igun soore

          Igun pa l'ori

          Akala soore

          O yo gege l'orun

          Ojo min in jo mi in

          K'eni maa wu le soore mo

          A difa f'Oso 

          Oso ns'awo lo s'ode Iwo

          Ebo l'Awo ni ko se

          O gb'ebo lopolopo

          O ru'bo

          Ero opo

          Ero ofa

          E wa wo'fa Awo ki bi ti nse

OSOOSI is an incarnation of OGUN, he is an EBORA(Spirit) who came to the terrestrial world with a destiny of salvaging a situation.

According to the Odu Ifa OYEKU-SINDIN, there was a strange monkey with sixteen tails in the forest of IREMO in ILE IFE. The monkey was a carnivore,  It killed young and old,  and became a threat to all the people of the land,  and all attempts to get rid of it always proved abortive. 

OLOFIN ADIMULA, the king, consulted IFA, and Odu Ifa OYEKU-SINDIN surfaced on the tray. IFA foretold that a child would  be born to save the situation. 

Therefore, OLOFIN was asked to offer a sacrifice which included a Bow, some Arrows, a Club, a Dog, Roosters, and he should also make an offering to OGUN as well. 

IYE(powder) of OYEKU-SINDIN was sprinkled on the bow, the Arrows and the Club, and then given to the king to keep for the incoming baby boy.

Sooner than later Oso was born, all the ammunition was given to him. On one fateful day, Oso was playing around with his peer group, when they accidentally came across this voracious monkey, tiresome and sleepy.  Oso quickly drew his bow and arrow and shot it through its eyes. The giant animal fell, the news spread across the city, until it was broadcasted to the ear of the king. The king honored him, from this  the name Osoosi/Osowusi, (Oso become rich), was actually coined out of the honor which the king bestowed on him.

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