Sunday 3 October 2021


Most people are struggling in life because they have not found themselves. By struggling I don't just mean financially, I also mean mentally, emotionally, physically, Maritally, careerwise...... and so on.

But why are they struggling? Life even if not easy should at least be sweet for us. Why are they still going through some problems giving them sleepless nights, depression, suicidal thoughts and so on? I have an answer to that and it because they don't know themselves.

Who are you? What destiny (odu) did you choose in heaven (orun) before coming to ikole aye (earth)? What is your star? Who is your ruling Orisha (the main energy you carry)? Which egbe orun (astral mates) do you belong to? Do you appease your Ori regularly? Do you appease your ancestors (eegun)  regularly? Some spend time surfing the internet for gists, latest songs, celebrity fights, porn sites, watching action and romantic films from morning till night but sadly they don't have the time or energy to make researches on their spiritual life.

Oh but I know all these things and I appease them regularly. Now the question is are you doing things the right way?

Firstly, without proper Ifa consultation (divination) you cannot know yourself fully. You can only guess but it's not for sure. Through Ifa divination with a certified babalawo or an olorisa you can know who you are, only then can you begin your journey of self discovery. Most go through hardship today because they don't know what they chose from heaven. You that is meant to be a businessman and you are working in an office. That pretty sister that's meant to be an hairdresser or a beauty consultant is working as a medical doctor. That uncle that says he likes tall very light skinned well shaped women like Omotola Jolade and Kim Kardashian is actually meant to get married to sister Bisola that is small statured and dark skinned. That pretty sister that likes them tall dark and handsome is actually meant to get married and have a good life with brother Wale down the street that has been toasting her but because he's averagely tall, quite fair skinned and not too fine you don't want to reason his matter.

Your friends are doing yahoo and you want to cash out and ball like them, did you choose this line of work from heaven like them? When it doesn't then favor you you add yahoo plus to it? Your friends are carrying sugar daddies who give them millions, latest cars and houses in banana island, you too said you must cash out, you do do do you no cash out then you add different charms to your hustle still you didn't cash out, whereas spiritually you are a Queen of wealth and prosperity yourself and instead of cashing out from these men they are actually cashing out from you by tapping out of the ase you brought from heaven leaving you with crumbs.

Some ask, can I appease my Ori and egbe myself. Some say, I appease them regularly myself but the question is are you a priest? Do you have the spiritual abilities to interact with the spiritual realm? Why not just get a priest to do all these for you so you can have a visible result. You see a pretty lady fair skinned, tall, well shaped and automatically she believes she's a mamiwater (water spirit) are you sure? Are you sure you are an omo omi (water child), did you make a consultation to verify this? Or you are just wasting time doing appeasement for a water spirit that doesn't identify you as its child. Maybe your egbe orun is egbe afefe (air spirit), or alaragbo (forest spirit), or egbe igi ogede (banana tree)... and so on.

Everything about your life can be known with Ifa divination, why? Because Ifa is your Eleriipin (destiny witness), he was there to witness the choosing of your destiny by yourself. But when you got to the earth you have forgotten but he's here to remind of the choices you made if you only ask him. That brothers and sisters asking Ifa about their partners, have you asked about your own life? Is a relationship the next step for you when you don't even know yourself. Know yourself and the right person will come along, because then you are aware of the choices you make and are able to manage people or things that come to you. And remember Ifa didn't promise the road to self discovery will be easy or smooth, he only said it would be possible and he would stand by you and assist your every step of the way.

By Oreoluwa Adedoyin for ifa spirituality group.

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