Wednesday 8 May 2024

History Lesson

Records and pages of history - The history of American crocodiles - mention that Uncle Sam, in the time of his tyranny and ancient hunting, during the founding of America, massacres of black shame were practiced against the indigenous people of the American Indians, and against the Africans who were kidnapped from their brown continent to be slaves and servants of the white man.  This history indicates that from 1870 to 1919, alligator hunters in America used African children and American Indian children in swamps as bait to hunt alligators.  They also kidnapped infants from their enslaved mothers and threw them into lakes and ponds after strangling them with ropes.  Long, as bait for crocodiles, which, even if they hear the screams of their victim, rush to devour them, and they are hunted with a spear or crowbar, with the aim of using their skins to make shoes and bags.

This particular brutal phenomenon spread in the swamps of Florida and the lakes of Texas, and the American newspaper “The Times” was the first to shed light on that history of heinous crime and black madness in 1923, and after that a decision was issued by the American Congress criminalizing the phenomenon in 1924, and the result was that no  There is a difference in Uncle Sam's knowledge between the history of his alligators with Africans and Native Americans in ancient times, and the present of his descendants today.  , from this type.  Joe Biden, Bush, and Trump, where hunting today is not a historic lake and swamp, but rather the #Gaza Holocaust, and as for the crocodiles of ancient America, they are now a #Zionist “entity.”  Instead of throwing children into old Florida lakes, look at the criminal arm of #Zionist America bombing them over their heads in #Gaza.  Oil interests and wells are being drilled to destroy them. And turning the children of #Gaza into torn pieces

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