Thursday 6 January 2022


What if the traditional stools are the government body of the Yoruba land, would it be ineffective in bringing the needed development for 21st century demands?

I do relish the form of political stability that will be experienced if we were governed via our Indigenous process.

When put side by side for sane minds, it floors the demonstration of craziness called democracy that we currently practice, in the potential it holds to deliver political stability, enduring accountability and a government developmental focus for the people.

The fact that people in local areas need to listen to the command coming from leaders in a place called "state capital" and in another place called "federal capital" makes it hard for people to stay loyal to the local administrative structures that were in place, which reflected the natural system of government of the people.

The colonizing government set-up a parallel government in what it called "city centers", funds it and tells the people "it is not wise for you to allow the king to rule you forever while you can have a system that rotates the stool amongst you every four years"... That was tingling to the ear, so the people abandoned their traditional stools and went to the city centers where the Whiteman's money is.

Then, the people went to submit themselves to the new master.

It's over a hundred years now, how are the people faring?

A one time African giant, languishing today, under the claws of Fulani domination and western exploitation.

Yorùbá ronú.

By Ayobami Ogedengbe

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