Wednesday 22 December 2021


Orunmila invited his friend to advised him on which choice to make. The friend advised him to pick Longevity. When asked why, the friend responded that if he chose Longevity, he would be able to live longer than any other person on earth. He would be able to narrate stories which no other person could narrate. He would be the most respected person around because of his age.

Orunmila then called on his students to consult Ifa for him the second time. During consultation, Ogbe-Iyonu was also revealed. The students told Orunmila to pick Patience. When asked why, they simply responded that Ifa said that the elder who had Patience had gotten everything.

Orunmila thanked everyone present and picked Patience. Igun then returned to heaven with the remaining gifts. The two wives protested and began to quarrel with Orunmila. The junior wife said that all the good things of life would elude them because Orunmila had made a wrong choice.

The senior wife said that Orunmila should have chosen children because nothing was greater than children. The two wives began to argue. Both of them stood their grounds on their choice. Soon after, a quarrel ensued and began to fight. They fought until they got tired. Whenever the wives complained to Orunmila, he would simply tell them that whoever had Patience had gotten everything.

While in heaven however; Wealth had gotten tired of living in heaven without Patience. It got to a head three months after Wealth went to Olodumare to seek permission to go and live with Patience in Orunmila’s house. Olodumare granted the request. With this Orunmila became Wealthy. He could afford many things and his junior wife became happy.

Three months after this, Children went to Olodumare to seek permission to go and stay with Wealth and Patience. Olodumare granted the request. The two wives became pregnant. The senior wife became very happy. Nine months later, the two wives gave birth to healthy babies Three months after, Longevity went to Olodumare and sought permission to go and live with Patience, Wealth and Children on the ground of loneliness. Olodumare granted the request. Orunmila who chose Patience then got Wealth, Children and Longevity as bonuses.

Orunmila and his household thus became happy, wealthy and contented. They were singing and dancing and giving praises to Olodumare for giving them all the IRE of life.


By Ajibowo Olajuwon

Source: History and Cultures of the Yorubas

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