Thursday 30 December 2021


You bought pole, you bought the cable & you bought the meter. And you contributed money to buy or replace the community transformer.

As soon as you have done all these, they automatically become their property.

Then the fraudster Electricity Distribution Companies  will, without taking the meter reading, sends outrageous estimated bills to you for power never consumed. And if you dare raise a question against their barefaced robbery, they will come and remove the cable you bought with your money as their property.

Then you will be charged what they call re-connection fee to get your cable fixed back.

And you will have to bribe their personnel to replace a melted fuse or you will remain perpetually in darkness and still pay the bill at the end of the month.

The most heinous part of their corporate crime against the people is the revenue target they set for their personnel as to how much they intend to rob Nigerians every month.

 This daylight robbery from Electricity Distribution Companies Must Stop!

Credit : Orovwigho Bamidele

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