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Esu is an irunmole among many others, it is ignorantly being referred to as SATAN OR DEVIL but as a matter of fact, he is certainly not the devil of the New Testament in the Bible (Book of the Christian)  nor SEITAN or Asitani as the Muslim clerics do call it. 

Esu is primarily a special relations officer between heaven and earth, he can be referred to as the "inspector general" who reports regularly to olodumare on the deeds of the divinities and men,  he checks and marks reports on the correctness of worship in general and sacrifices in particular. 

In Yoruba traditional belief system, the babalawo (an ifa priest)  usually hold the view that esu is created to be the right hand divinity to orunmila bara- agbonmiregun, Esu is ubiquitous because he must always be about  his business of inspection, his portfolio includes, among other things,  the inspection of worship and sacrifices, he works in collaboration with orunmila, he is the approver and bearer of sacrifices to heaven

"Owonrin a sogbe"

"ki esu gba "

Esu as a source of wealth to individual and especially a business man/woman

In odu ifa okanran meji, it is clearly stated that esu makes business activities to go well and helps about bringing more gain and achievement to someone day to day activities., 

Sowola Sowola Sowola

Adifa fun elegbara 

Ti yio fi Owo kan soso, se Owo la

Ti yio jere egberin oke

Nje ta lo fi Owo kan sowo la? 

To jere egberin oke? 

Elegbara lo fi Owo kan sowo la to si jere egberin oke "

This verse tells us how elegbara invested with little  money and made a lot of profit which is applicable to us as individual and a business entrepreneur. 

Esu is a great protector, esu can be worshiped for so many reasons, one of it is it's ability to protect his followers against enemy, this is why we have many families who worship esu and name there children after esu such as esubiyi, esuola, esudamilare, esulekan and so on

"Esu ko ibi kuro lori Awo"

Esu can be fed with many and different foods such as cock, palm oil, goat, colanut, gin, bitter cola and so on and it has a lot of praise name based on its character such as "Alakalu " meaning the heaven whose greatness is manifested all over the place"

It is also called elegbeje ado " the custodian of 700billions gourd" and each is used for different functions, that is why it is been praised as elegbeje ado in odu ifa "EJIOGBE "

Bo sa pamo

Ori re a ni oun ko sa pamo 

Bi o rin ni ikoko eleda re a ni oun ko rin ni ikoko 

Adifa fun alangajiga ti yio fi ise baba re sile 

Ti yio ma se ise baba o ni baba

Nje esu a gbe wa, elegbeje ado 

Alangajiga, odara a gbe wa o 

Elegbeje ado, alangajiga 

This simply explains how esu uses its gourd to bless his followers.

Esu is a benefactor of a community. For instance most esu residing in Orita meta (The three cross roads) sends back evil or calamity that may likely befall such community. Yet some people still ignorantly tags such deity as being devilish. 

It is high time we woke up from our slumber and orientate our different communities about what ESU as a deities is up to. 

Happy Esu Day!

Oluwo (Dr) Fasola Faniyi

Araba of Otta, Awori kingdom

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