Friday 17 December 2021

Orunmila Stopped Human Sacrifice in Ifa

ODU IFA IRETE MEJI © Olalekan Oduntan

Ifá speaks of everything that has happened in human history.

If there has been human sacrifices in human history, it is in Ifá.

It was among human beings at one time, normal for humans to be used to appease different  deities.

These practices were stopped over time as culture began to mix and there came better civilizations.

In Odù Ifá Irete méjì, òkè ìpọ̀nrí Orunmila (Ifá Ọ̀rúnmìlà) demanded a human sacrifice.

Orunmila went to the market to purchase an "ẹrú", he got one.

Took him home and was ready to make the sacrifice, the ẹrú started singing the song that his mom taught him, it related to the circumstances surrounding his birth.

Alas, he was Ọ̀rúnmìlà's child, whom he had never met.

Thus, Ọ̀rúnmìlà proclaimed an end to human sacrifice in that town.

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  1. Is it in that town that Human Sacrifice was stopped or all the towns.


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