Wednesday 15 December 2021

Psychology highlights the 8 reasons why parents are responsible for their children's waywardness

 (1) Parent who give their children everything they ask for: Theirs children will grow up thinking they have a right to whatever they want.

 (2) Parents who laugh when their children speak foul language against others, especially older persons: Children grow up thinking disrespect is normal and fun.

 (3) Parents who do not reprimand children for bad behavior: Their children grow up thinking that there are no rules in society.

 (4) Parents who cover up their children's misdeeds: Their children grow up thinking they can do and undo with impunity; that they won't have to give account of their misdeeds.

 (5) Parents who stop watching television because their children cry when they change channels: Children will grow up without a sense of respect for older persons.

 (6) Parents who let their children listen to music that objectivizes women, encourages sex and violence? You can't sow thorns and reap cotton, can you?

 (7) Parents who give their children money whenever they want: Such kids will grow up thinking money is easy and would steal when they can't get it correctly.

(8) Parents who always decide everything in favour of their children, whether they are right or not: Their children will grow up thinking that every correction is persecution.

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