Saturday 4 December 2021

What is the importance of Appeasement

[Ifá-orisa] Theoretical [hypothetical] speculation versus direct and personal experience based on practice.

I am trying to find the principle and attribute that each Ebo represents in each Odu. The physical  aspect that a person person can apply in the natural to go along with the spiritual aspect of the Ebo. I am looking for the metaphysical principles of each ODU that identifies the change in consciousness needed to elevate the Ori and their symbolic associations to Iwa-Pele.

The Odu of Ifá and the Ebo requirements of the various Odu Ifá cannot honestly be metaphysically represented in the way and manner which you would suggest. The reason is that, if for example, four people consulted Ifá and let’s say that the Odu that descended and manifested for all four people was Ejiogbe, the content of the message and particular facet of energy that manifested would not be the same for all the four people. Ejiogbe is very vast and has different stands of teaching, recommendations, stories, energies and spiritual powers. Each person would receive a very specific instruction, recommendation, guidance and a particular spiritual power or grace that fits their particular situation, need and request. In addition, the particular ebo needed to release and manifest that particular aspect or strand of power of Ejiogbe in this instance would also be different. While there could be some informations that perhaps will be shared in common with all the four people but the message of Ifá to each one will be markedly different, unique and specific.

To change, transform and elevate your spiritual consciousness and your iwa-pele you will need more than just abstract metaphysical principles and symbolic spiritual meanings and values. You need actual manifested spiritual power, virtue and divine potency, better known as Àse. You can elevate your consciousness and your iwa-pele but you cannot by any means elevate your ori because ori is itself the power that elevates, nurtures and sustains us. Ori is perfect. Ori is the power and living spiritual intelligence which lives in your mind. Ori is an independent divine energy and intelligence that indwells our mind. Ori is not our own human intelligence. Ori is a completely independent divine energy, intelligence and spiritual power. Ori is the plenary expansion, personal deity and unique personal manifestation of Olódùmarè living with us and within us. Ori is the SPIRIT of your spirit. Ori is the MIND of your mind. Ori is the source, root and origin of that which we call conscience but Ori is not our conscience. Ori is the source, root, cause and origin of the spiritual reality we call conscience. Ori is the true and eternal inner-guide and master. Ori is the supreme orisa or the supremely cherished power that has chosen to be within us to guide and lead us to success. Ori is the power that guides, motivates and instructs us from within and helps us to achieve a higher consciousness and a more sublime, excellent and perfect [mature] iwa-pele. Ori cannot be elevated. Ori elevates us and if we listen to and obey our Ori, Ori will take us to the perfected state or the mature state in this very life.

Through listening to and obeying our Ori we find peace, fulfillment, realization, contentment and completeness. In regard to the spiritual principles of Odu-Ifá and Ebo, these can only be known by personal engagement, practice and compliance. Only when you offer ebo, participate in ebo or have ebo offered on your behalf by a competent awo can you know, experience and realize its wonders and efficacy in relation to your life. If you don’t practice ebo, if you don’t have ebo performed on your behalf and if you don’t visit an awo to participate, see and experience the process of ebo you cannot know and understand its principle, meaning, power and efficacy.

You cannot get benefit from Odu-Ifá metaphysical principles in the abstract alone, and you cannot apply the elevating power of ebo in your life only by theoretical speculation or reflective speculative reasoning. You have to personally commit to Ifá, engage Ifá and integrate Ifá into your life through initiatory processes of empowerment [initiation], commitment and subsequent training and guidance to derive the direct and full benefit of Ifá and Ebo. A symbol is only a symbol. Symbolic understanding or intellectual theoretical understanding is nice to have and beneficial to a certain degree but it will never change our hearts and lives, and it will never satisfy your spiritual longings and needs. If you really want to know the essence of sugar then you have to put it on your tongue, savor and taste it. Reading or theorizing about sugar and sweetness will not reveal its true essence and sweetness to you. I trust that this response has been of benefit and blessing to you. It is my hope that it has helped to give you a new and practical perspective on things. You are a blessed person.

~ Awo Òrúnmìlà Mark Casillas /!!!\ A.O.M.C. /!!!\

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