Saturday 4 December 2021

After God, fear women

Two women came to Ibn Abi Laila who was a very popular judge during the Abbasid dynasty to adjudicate over their matter and resolve it for them.

The judge asked: Who will start first?

The youngest said: your lordship, my father died when I was very young, then my mother got married and left me alone...

And this woman is my aunt, she adopted and raised me, she gave me the best of training she can, and when I grew up one of my cousins came and proposed to me from her, and she married me off to him...

My aunt had a daughter who was younger than me in age, and when she was ready for suiters my aunt asked my husband to marry her daughter because of the good characters that he possessed and exhibited during the three years of my marriage with him...

She had decorated her daughter for my husband so that he could see her, and when he saw her, he loved and wanted her so bad, so, my aunt said to him: I will marry her to you on one condition that you divorce my niece (that is me) which My husband agreed to the condition...

On the wedding day of my husband to his new bride, my Aunt came to me and said: “Your husband has married my daughter and has directed me to inform you that he has divorced you”.

So, your lordship, I lost my marriage and good husband overnight with no-fault or any sin.

Not very long after that, my Aunt's husband came from a long journey, he was an elderly man but a very wealthy and successful businessman who had no children, and my aunt married him after the death of her first husband...

And because of my stay with her being the only relative I have, he used to see me every day and has admired my beauty and good behavior, he confessed his love to me and that he wish to marry me after divorcing my aunt.

I told him I will agree but on one condition, that I will break the news to my aunt that she is divorced. which he agreed to the condition, so, I went to my aunt immediately and informed her that she has been divorced.

Then I married him, and my aunt became divorced and we are even now tit for tat.

The judge was shocked that he stood up when he heard what happened and said: Oh my God!!

The woman said to him: please sit down, the story has not yet begun.

He said: continue, please She said: After a while, this rich man who's my husband and my aunt's former husband died and I inherited him, so my aunt came to demand her share from the inheritance, So I said to her: "The deceased was my husband. What  inheritance are you talking about" you're not entitled to anything".

At the end of my ‘iddah for my husband’s death, my aunt came with her daughter and her in-law, who was my first husband, which she caused to divorce me and marry her daughter to reconcile between us in the issue of inheritance...

So when he saw me, he remembered his old days with me and he yearned for me, so I said to him: Would you like to take me back if you get the chance?

He said: Yes.

I said to him: On the condition that you divorce your wife, (my cousin) and I tell her myself which he agreed.

I said to my cousin: You are divorced.

The judge put his hand on his head from the shock, then said: Now, where is the question?

The aunt said: Isn't it Haram (forbidden) that my daughter and I get divorced, and then this woman takes both the spouses and the inheritance?

Ibn Abi Layla said: I do not see any prohibition in that, and what is forbidden in a man who married twice, divorced, and remarried again.

When a woman wants to take revenge even the devil will sit down and learn from her.

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