Saturday 18 December 2021

Azwinnidi Muronga South African Inventor, Professor of Physics and Dean and Director of Science Center at University of Johannesburg

Azwinndini Muronga is a South African Inventor, Professor of Physics and Dean and Director of Science Center at University of Johannesburg, he grew up in the rural village of Lwamondo, Vhembe district in Limpopo and he completed grades 11- 12 at the Mbilwi Secondary, Azwinnidi started his tertiary mathematics and physics.  

He obtained his bachelor of Science degree,  honours in physics at the University of Cape Town and he went ahead also he completed his masters of Science in physics and he was awarded with distinction subsequently, he went to study towards his doctorate of philosophy in Physics at the University of Minnesota, USA and his postdoctoral training at the University of Frankfurt and at GSI Helholtz Centre for heavy lon in Germany.  

He joined the UCI in 2005 as a Senior lecturer until September 2010. Since October 2010 he has been an associate Professor at University of Johannesburg and he is currently the director of UJ Soweto Science Center. Aziwinndi Muronga became the President of South African Institute of Physics and Austronomy,  he earned his doctorate in Physics in 2002, he was acknowledged as the voice of Science in rural and It is said in disadvantage areas of South Africa,   he made outstanding contributions to the oretical physics his thesis work on casual second order viscous relativistic fluid dynamics was seminal. It has been cited more than 600 times and is now Incorporated in large states of the art computer codes written around the world to model collisions between nuclei and high energy,  his work has been Integrated in experiments done in various location from Long Island to Geneva at facilities at billon dollar to 10 billion dollar levels and he is considered one of the leading scientists in the relativistic treatment of Viscosity.  

Dr. Muronga's own research field lies in the Intersection of nuclear physics, particle physics,  astrophysics and cosmology studying the nature and properties of hot and dense matter in heavy ion collisions and astrophysics as well as the properties of a new state of matter. Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP),  which existed just for a microsend at the begining of the Universe after big bang and might also exist in the deep Interior of neutrons stars. Azwinnidi received the Aneesur Raham Prize in 2003 and In 2015, he was elected as a President of South African Institute of Physics and when he launched at least 700 pupils from grade 10 benefited from matric his programmed managed 35NMMU Staff members and he trained more than 20 interns.

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