Saturday 18 December 2021


The stance of the isese community is that we do not condone human sacrifices and rituals as Orunmila told us to exhibit iwa Pele at all times, he told us that there are consequences for all our actions, either good or bad.

We can see this in odu otura rere.

Ifa said;

Awo ni ayeniromo,

Awo na si ni orun-ogba eke,

Ati iketa won ti n je esuniwa,

ti won difa fun asele oba ilu abowaba lojo tawon meteeta lo ilu odu keji lo sawo,

Oko roko, oko dariwale,

Ada roko ada dehinbo,

Ati oore ati ibi nibo le n lo,

Igbawo le n dehinbo,

Ati ire ati ibi ni awon o ni sai dehin,

Amo esan si ni awon mejeeji o mu bo.

Bo o se e re, tijo mi i lo se fun,

Bo o so se e re, tijo mi i lo se fun.

Enikan koni gbin alubosa ko hu efo,

Ohun a ba gbin ni o hu bo dola.

What this ifa verse is simply saying is there are consequences for our actions, either good or bad.

Also note that am not saying there are no rituals practices in Yorubaland either in the past nor present,my only point is isese religion doesn't condone bad behavior of any kind and form, because the other religions seem to think we are all ritualists which is why they still preach this in their religious organizations till now.

But if they understand the fact that it's not in accordance with our teachings they will know those exhibiting ritualistic behaviors are the few bad eggs we have amongst us same as they have in theirs too

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