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What is Ifá?: Ifá is the true and divine message from Olódùmarè

Article 1

The messages of truth are vision, revelation confirmed presently or confirmed later in future.

Divine message is believed to come from God, and it is like a prophecy that you accept with faith and hope.

How can we know the truth ?

How can we know the true message.

Note:  If you read this articles and you still fall victim of scam, then you have a big problem.

Not all messages are divine, yet they may be truthful but believe me, it may sometimes be mere guessing. Most problems people face nowadays are similar to each other and are very easy to guess, the fraudsters guess people’s problems based on their appearance, location, status, etc.

Today people fall victim of scam simply because they are not patient to reason enough to know either the message given is real or a mere guessing, although some of the message may be true or similar to what you going/passing through, that doesn't make the message divine, it may be mere guessing or someone close to you might have revealed your data or downloaded your details to these fraudsters or scammers.

During my research on this work, I discovered people determine if a message is true or false by second or more confirmation. For example if is Mr. Ade is a spiritualist and gave Mr. Bola a message, Mr. Bola may not accept the message is true until it is later confirm by another spiritualist. I don't want us to mix things up here, in this case I will love to explain each point in details.

Mr. Ade message may be wrong while Mr. Bola  may be so lucky not to fall a victim of scam by ignoring the message but Mr. Bola may later fall a victim of scam to Mr. Lanre because Mr. Lanre gave him the same message Mr. Ade have earlier gave him then Mr. Bola will say you are right to Mr. Lanre because he have heard the message before, can you see how Mr Bola fall victim of scam, this fraudsters work together. Mr. Lanre may be connected to Mr. Ade which Mr. Bola may not know.

Another point is that Mr. Ade may be a real and true diviner but Mr. Bola made the mistake of not performing the sacrifice because he is waiting for the second confirmation of the message, so he doesn't believe or loose interest in the message until he hears confirmation from another diviner, or should we say may be it as been destiny that Mr. Boma will be scammed, that is the reason why the fraudster guess his problem by appearance, location or downloaded details/information given to the fraudster about him by his close friend or relationships. Confirming Mr. Ade's message by the second person will make Mr. Bola believe in the message which may be wrong or true, neglecting where he first heard the message which is from Mr. Ade may be wrong, let's consider Mr. Ade is a true diviner and has solutions to Mr. Bola's problem but Mr. Bola didn't go back to Mr. Ade to perform the sacrifice, instead he prefer to do the sacrifice from Mr. Lanre who is the second diviner and a fraudster which he doesn't have solution to Mr. Bola's problem. After Mr. Bola performed the sacrifice from Mr. Lanre who is a fraudster and neglected Mr. Ade the true diviner and he doesn't see any changes or result, then he will tagged all Babalawos to be fake, is that not fallacy, please who is to blame?

Another thing to be aware of is, both Mr. Ade and Mr. Lanre may be fraudsters and work differently without knowing each other.

Second point, I discovered some people loose interest in Ifá and babalawo and decide to go for Olorisas or Olosanyi, I laughed because that's why you have the greatest chances of being scammed, I spoke to a man, I asked of his experience, he said he visited Olosanyi and surprising for him the osanyi mentioned his great grand mother's name, his grand father's name, later mention is name and his mother's name, including his date of birth, he said that was how he fell victim of scam because he was surprised about all his datas and as at that moment, he thought he has gotten to where the true message are, not knowing a close friend of him downloaded his datas to this fraudsters.

A woman narrated her story about visiting an Olorisa iya osun who use erindinlogun to divine, luckily for the woman, she has little knowledge about erindinlogun, the iya osun throw her erindinlogun and couldn't interpret the odu ifa that came out, the iya osun knew nothing about the erindinlogun she is just using it to deceive people, but to the woman's surprise, the iya osun gave a name of wrong odu which isn't the odu that appears and her message was true, the woman realised the iya osun was using a seer known as arina in Yoruba, been into tradition also she decided to give the iya osun a trial since her message was right, she paid for the sacrifice and realised things turned worse simply because the iya osun is fake, the point I'm trying to prove here is that a diviner may identify your problem, he/she may not be able to solve it because they are using a seer known as arina which make them identify your problem without solution and yet they charge you huge amount for sacrifice, that make them to be fake also.

I visited a man whom a friend told me is powerful, getting there, I hide my identity, the man gave us a paper and told us to write our problems and put it in a box, he will later bring the papers out without opening it and burnt them, I decided to submit a blank paper with the consultation money, the man took the money and burnt the papers in our present, then I told my friend this man burnt five papers and we are five here truly which means the man must provide message for the five of us, the man realised the money he collected was payment for five people and he burnt five papers, he was confused because the real papers where we wrote our problems goes down, he will just burn a blank paper and go inside to read each person's problem and come out to tell them, my friend knew I didn't write anything, but he still vow the man will know. At a point the man was confused may be he has mistakenly burnt one of the five real papers that contain people's problem but he later composed himself, he have each people there message and when got to my turn he gave me a fake message believing I'm one of the internet fraudsters, looking at my appearance he made a guess and told me I have a foreigner that has been disappointing me which suppose to pay me but the foreigner have been refusing to pay me, he said someone is confusing the foreigner that is why the foreigner haven't pay, and what to do is to perform sacrifice, my friend was surprised that I got it right that the man is a fraudster, before I even say anything, my friend shouted in a loud voice crying that I didn't write anything, secondly he reveal my identity to the man that I'm a babalawo and not a yahoo boy, that was how the man was disgraced, I now explained to the other people whose papers he Burnt were just blank papers, and the real papers go down the box or there will be a way he will take the real papers and read it.

It is true people who have problem are lost in mind, infact they are also weak in mind, some have meet their  death or fall into bigger problem as a result of this fraudsters, some have been raped, became a wife/husband to this fraudsters while some have lost their properties, a met a lady who confess to me a pastor told her she must sleep with her before her problem can be solved, to confuse the victim more, the pastor told her she need a spiritualist to sleep with her, not necessary him the pastor that gave the prophecy, she can go and look for any pastor to sleep with her, this convince the lady and the lady accepted despite she didn't like it or enjoy the sex with the pastor but she did it because of her problem to be solved, the pastor later turned her to sex machine, duped her of huge amount of money, wasted her time, instead of her problem to be solved, the pastor created a huge problem for her that she is going through till today, she had abortion for the pastor which damage her womb, the question to ask is that why can't the lady reason carefully to realise how can having sex with a pastor solve your problem, is the pastor's dick a medicine or divine solution, not only the pastors are doing this, there are alfas, Babalawo, iyanifa, iyalorisa doing this also.

I witnessed someone asked to take sacrifice naked, she is a beautiful lady and the babalawo said ifa told him to follow her to the place where the sacrifice will be placed, since that day I knew the man is a fake, in my previous article about egberun I explained about a pastor that took a beautiful lady to the stream for ritual bath and first rape the lady before during the ritual, is that not a scam, secondly this people give you difficult task simply for you to think they are real, they pastor can use sugercane leaf, corn/maize to spoil a beautiful lady beauty claiming once the lady's body have an error the spiritual mates will condem her and leave her. A babalawo can tell you to dance naked at night, or go and puck a leaf naked at night, go and bring a corpses, human skeleton etc, the difficult the task the chances of been scammed and I don't blame them, those people who are been scammed are looking for shortcut in whatever they are doing and this fraudsters having seen their desire and willing to get the results of what they seek, then the fraudsters use the opportunity to scam them.

For example you went to a babalawo for money ritual and asked you to bring 1million, then you reply you don't have and he asked you to sell your properties or you should go and borrow it, first both of you are thieves, when you have means of borrowing 1million or any amount why not invest it on business that will bring profit, why looking for shortcut of making money, and if you are able to reasons enough you should have discovered the babalawo is fake, you seek money rituals and he demanded for 1million, the simple answer I will have tell the babalawo I'm in your position is that if I have 1million, I won't be looking for money ritual, can you see how people fall victim of scam because they are greedy, you have a property, then a spiritualist ask you to sell your house, land, car etc for money ritual, as that not prove the person is a scam.

Having share experience of how people fall victim of scam, then let's examine the means of guessing by this fraudsters base on appearance, location, status etc.

If you visit a fraudsters claiming to be spiritualist on Monday to Friday, he can guess your problem because he/she will believe people working in firms, government institute and non governmental institute will never come to consult a babalawo on Monday to Friday during working hours (8am to 4pm). Then they can easily guess base on your dress if you are a business man/woman, or you don't have a job, if you are looking for money ritual, wife, husband, journey etc. If you live in ghetto then they guess you seek money by all means and when you live in city, expensive house then they guess you have problem with contract, husband or giving birth. When you iron your cloth, neat and wearing a coat/suit or you use a tie, then they guess you have committed a fraud at place of work, you look for promotion, you have problem with your work or you are a pastor and you need spiritual back up or crowd in your church etc.

Let's now discuss the means they use to scam people, I will start with my own personal experience. I travelled the Eastern part of Nigeria, Imo state precisely, I knew about the dangerous activities of this fraudsters in Ore, Ondo, Oke Igbo and Akure, please always be ware of the town I have explained, these are the base of the fraudsters, I will have like mention the names of these fraudsters in this location including their leaders.

I know someone reading this article will ask how did I know all these, all these fraudsters have babalawos working for them as backup, I can't say those babalawos working for them are real too because someone working for a fraudster is also a fraudster, one of their babalawos is a friend, any time his drunk and I ask him about this people, he always speaks his mind to me, I will have mention this people names and extra location but for security purposes, let's just share little details about them.

Ok let me continue about sharing my experience with this fraudsters, one-day, I was coming from imo state and I have to drop at ore to broad another car to ile ife because I didn't go with my car that time.

I couldn't wait to broad a car at the garage, instead a broad a car by the express popularly known as "so le" to the Yorubas, every one knows the activities and the danger in broading a car or bus known as "so le" because you will pray for your safety till you get to your destination, examples of activities involved in "so le" are kidnapping, robbery, killing etc.

I saw this red car, three people are already in this car remaining two people to fill up the spaces in the car, this "so le" normally takes four people at the back and two people at the front seat, with the driver the total number will be seven, six passengers and one driver. I sat at the front seat to join the person already sitting there, and the driver took another man on the way to fill the last space at the back seat. Suddenly after picking the last passenger, the driver drove a little kilometers and stopped, he went to check the car boot, he drove for a while and stopped again, and asked the last man of what he has in his bag, the man kept quiet and the driver revealed the secret by telling us the man's bag was filled with dollar, as at that moment, everybody in the car went to the boot to confirmed the driver's claim, I knew it, I smiled inside because my friend that work with this fraudsters have already told me all this techniques they use to get people fall a victim.

As the driver was driving and stopping, doing his drama to make people think things are real, I knew they were fraudsters and I have already prepared for them, so I stayed back in the car, I didn't follow them to check the car boot. They all came inside discussing about the money, one of the passenger is among the fraudsters pretending to be passenger asked the man whose bag was filled with money to confess or he report him to the police at any check points, the man confess to be working for a rich man who always put his workers to suffering, and never pay salaries in time, the rich man wasn't around and he stole the rich man's money, then another passenger who was part of this fraudsters but pretended to be passenger also asked the man about the "tira" on the money, the man answered the is the problem, that there was a Fulani man who is a spiritual back up to his master the rich man always secure the rich man's money with the tira and whosoever touch the money will die, the man claimed he doesn't know where he is going to, all he seek is where the tira can be taken away from him to get access to spend the money, I laughed inside.

I kept quiet looking at their drama, another passenger who is also among the fraudsters but pretended as a passenger too suggested to know a babalawo in oke Igbo that can help them take the tira away, then I knew that we are just three against four, we the real passengers are three while this fraudsters are four with the and the man with the dollar bag made them four. I thought of a plan to save the other two passengers because I realised they have shown interest, see the foolish passenger, they wanted to get rich suddenly or at all cost, then everyone in the car concluded the car should head to oke Igbo to consult the babalawo, I kept quiet, on our way I saw a big filling station ahead which I thought we the real passengers can escape their for safety, then I told the driver I wanted to piss, he driver stopped and I came down, I asked the driver what they have been discussing since, he answered in a angry voice or tone if not aware of what have been happening in the car since, then I lied to him that I have problem with my left ear and I will be happy if the story can be narrated again, the driver refused while another passenger in the car narrated the story to me, then I demanded of seeing the money before I can believe it, the driver and all the passengers came down to open the car boot, I saw the money and the tira, I asked them what's delayed us from sharing this money.

One of the passengers replied the tira, then I decided to expose them, I fwing the bag to the road and warn everybody to leave any money that has the tira on top and pick those one that doesn't have the tira, that moment, the other passengers regain their senses and started asking series of questions then the fraudsters knew their game is up, they chase us with cutlass, knife, jack and wheelspinal but I have to lead other passengers to safety, that was my own experience, I will share other people's experience with you in article ll. There are a lot of things to be gained and learned in this article.

Thanks for reading. To be continued.

By Olu Awo Ifanla Ogbeate Temple 

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