Tuesday 12 April 2022

Why We Weep For Africa On Social Media...

Africans would rather argue Theology than to debate Technology. Africans know everything about God, but know nothing about being gods. Africans know everyone going to hell, but don't know that we are already in hell. Africans would rather pray for the healing of one, but will never play a role in the Science that can heal All.

Africans would rather follow celebrity pastors who ask them to type amen to receive cars, than to follow intellectuals who challenge them to make cars. Africans would rather get burnt on earth to defend a God in heaven, than to bring the beauty of heaven to earth. 

Oh Africa, who has bewitched us? Who told us that INTELLECTUALISM is anti-Christ but 'Iberiberism' (ignorance) is Godly. How were you so Boxed that you can never think outside the box even for a moment?

What is this box? Who created this box? Who put you into this box? Why can't you stretch your mind beyond this box - for example, to consider death or ageing as mere diseases solvable through science and technology. I mean, even if this doesn't work (fortunately, it is working), at least you would have stretched your mind outside the box for once in a lifetime.

Don't you understand that the secret of creativity is Wild Imagination? What is your wildest imagination? Going to heaven? Or your haters burning in hell fire? Can't you see that the imagination of heaven and hell has filled your subconscious mind and now, you can't imagine anything further. You can't imagine solutions to diseases and death. You can't imagine solutions to poverty and lack. You can only imagine one - heaven or hell. This is your problem oh Africa.

I wake up every morning with a renewed passion to lead my beloved continent out of the darkness of ignorance created by religious illusions. I wake up every morning desiring to tear the box enslaving our smart brains. What the brain of the African can create when released from the box of religion is unimaginable.

Philip Emeagwali, a Nigerian from my tribe gave the world the gift of what we call internet today - that's an example of the potentials of a liberated African mind. Guess what? I built the watch I'm wearing in this picture. Yes, it is one of the smartest watches you can find today with facial recognition and AIl capabilities.

I bet you, you may not even know Philip Emeagwali's religion unless he shares his religious views privately with you. Because to such minds, religion is kept under the table to allow their intelligence shine like a candle placed on top of a candle.

If you are reading to this point, I want you to decide that going forward, you will imagine the impossible and attempt to bring your wildest imagination into reality. If you think like this, you will have a reason to live every day.

By Charles Awuzie - leading the new wave of Afro-Intellectualism.


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