Wednesday 6 April 2022

Do you know the major importance of Why Ẹbọ is made to Èṣù in Ifá?

It is to develop Ìwà Pẹ̀lẹ́.

Ìwà Pẹ̀lẹ́ is the state of alignment with one's Orí (Ẹlẹ́dàá, Creator). This puts the person in the right state to attract goodness (Ire). The opposite of Ìwà Pẹ̀lẹ́ therefore is bound to cause us to attract negativities (Ibi).

Ẹbọ liberates the energy force needed to cause you to have appropriate character at all times which thus protects your space from accepting/attracting or being a victim of negative energies.

The name of the negative energies in Ifá is called Ajogún (which loosely translates devourers). This is what Èṣù helps to ward off from the life of those who make Ẹbọ.

When your being is right, you'll attract the right things.

When your being is wrong, you'll have to appeal to Èṣù, use some herbal baths where necessary and listen to the warning from divination. This is why Yorubas pray Èṣù má ṣemí, The mystery keeper, do not misuse me.

If you need to be calm in a place to achieve your goal, Èṣù will not allow a negative energy called arrogance for instance, to come your way. Arrogance or Aggressiveness which will make you lose that which is actually meant for you if only you were a bit calmer.

This is a cannon of Ifá Spirituality. 

It's a system that's built on helping man attain Odùduwà - full human being. Notice the word BIENG - ÌWÀ - To Be.

Sacrifices are not meant to attract goodness specifically but to prune your own character to the frequency that naturally attracts good things by reason of its connection to Ẹlẹda.

I should say therefore also that the sacrifices that you see at road junctions or anywhere at all are not designed to steal your destiny, that's not possible if you don't sell it out through your own ways (reason you must be guided by intuition and divination at all times).

Simply put, Ẹbọ is for people trying to disperse off negative energies from coming to them via the pruning of their own character.

If you have anger problems for example, Ifá might reveal it and we usually know which areas of our lives to work on by the kind of Ẹbọ and the specific Òrìṣà that the Ifá is asking us to appease.

Don't forget that I told you that the Òrìṣàs are a complete part of our makeup and that we only possess them at different degrees with one being the most dominant one in each of us. 

By Ayobami Ogedengbe 

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