Friday 29 April 2022

A secret many women need to learn to avoid coming to the social media to make noise

Immediately a man sees you - he has already categorised you. Some women are “For Consumption” - drinking, smoking, partying, lust, sex, etc. Such a lady brings out the Beast in him.

Some other women are “For Building” - family, home, empire, community, faith. Such a lady brings out the Man in him.

Actions make the man. Once you see that he is always talking “fun, games, party” with you, just know that he is talking “family, empire, home” with another lady.

If you start confusing your place - asking for Commitment, Protection, etc when you have been smoking, drinking, partying all along - most men will quietly put you down and disappear because you are trying to change category.

It’s just that most men don’t want to offend or scare women away - by telling them the truth upfront. That’s why as a woman you MUST learn to LEARN a man through his Actions. Actions make the man. If there is anything I want all women to deeply imbibe - it is this.

When dealing with man's word, Multiply his words by zero and take your answer but critically 

Watch His Actions.

What he Does is Who he Is.

What he Does is What he Says.

There is so much misunderstanding because women keep looking in the WRONG place.

A man SHOWS you how little you matter to him. Still you will be asking him “do I mean anything to you”. And because he doesn’t want you to cry or shout or get angry, he will give you the candy laced in his words.

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