Sunday 10 April 2022

The problem is very simple, and Fashola himself said it

1. The North insisted on National Grids that prioritises distribution to the North based on Population and National character, not on demands.

2. The GRID was given illegally to Dangote, something Fashola tried very much to reverse, including writing an open letter to Buhari in the newspaper in 2017 to ask Dangote to stay off the Grid where Dangote was illegally making money by leasing the grid to the telecom companies.

3. The North does not pay their electricity bills resulting on the South, precisely SW to bare the burden of recouping costs by the electricity companies, exactly why they would not install Meters in the SW. Again Fashola tried to do something about this with some regulations that allow consumers to take their Bills to court. The power companies did not like this because they felt they were being forced to carry the burden of Nigeria dysfunctionalities. The North refused to Burge.

4. Fashola tried to do a run around the North by a Willing Buyer Willing Seller solution, allowing independent power suppliers to grow and provide power through micro grids. The North got angry, saying that Fashola hated the North and that the policy will destroy the North. The Distribution companies successfully forced the power generation from independent companies to be limited to on 1 megawatts, too little to be economical and making the power retails too expensive for the consumers mostly in the SW where all the Micro Grid efforts were directed.

5. The Distribution companies never the less took advantage of that administrative rulings to negotiate special power supplies with industries at a higher rate, but guaranteeing supplies. But the North also forced this agreements to be canceled.

6. Investors knew power supply in Nigeria is unworkable. If you Invest in generating so much power, which you could sell locally, but forced to sell into the Grid that is unable to accommodate the products, who pays for the unsellable power? After all you cannot store power after you have produced it. It is sell it or lose it business.

7. So, Dangote and the North got rid of Fashola and put an ignorant man from the North in charge.

Did any Yoruba or Southern person from APC or PDP rise in support of Fashola's efforts? No. Only a few of us is trying to run businesses in the sector.

I am not into any party, and I recognize people trying to do their best, even imperfectly.

See, the problem of Nigeria is not spiritual, it is simply that some Fulanis think it is their birth right to take everything from Nigeria free and by force. They think their grandparents have given Nigeria to them to exploit mercilessly and they are aided by the deafening silence of the South, worse still, the complicities of corrupt Southern persons.

Nigeria will never have electricity supply no matter what until Nigeria breakup!!!

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