Tuesday 12 April 2022


[12/4, 11:50] Saidu NDA Ugonoh: Good day. 

There's an ongoing prayer for Nigeria as a whole...; it's a chain prayer of 50,000,000 people. Say the prayer and pass it on to others.

"Ya ALLAH, our Almighty GOD and Creator! Tremendous are YOUR Magnificent works. We stand in awe of YOUR Awesome Names Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum! Ya Rabbil Aalamiin we supplicate with humility before YOU for this nation, asking that YOU please forgive us and revive our nation, rekindle YOUR Protection over Nigeria and break the backbones of Shaitan and its agents storming this country. Deliver Nigeria from the hands of greedy, selfish leaders and terrorists. By your Mighty power of KUN FA YAKUN restore Nigeria's lost Glory and Prominence in the world. Make Nigeria Great and Habitable again for us all. Destroy the evil plans of the wicked and architects of destruction in this country Ya Dhal Jalaali wal Ikram. ALLAHUMMA AAMIIN."



A friend of mine sent me the above "prayers." He is a Moslem and he obviously means well for Nigeria and the world. But his wishes are contrary to the Laws of God. I have chosen to use it to show how far men are from the right concept of God and His working.

Similar erroneous beliefs are in Christianity. Such as "God can do anything."  (Luke 1:37 which is a wrong reporting of what Christ said and therefore incorrect.)

There is a repeating common mistake made by men. This is the same made by those whom formed this prayer or supplication. They do not know the nature of God. Therefore they form a wrong concept of what He can do or cannot do. He cannot clean your mess for you. You messed up you will eat and clean your mess. This is your punishment.

"Qum faya Qum", or "be and it became" has already been exercised at the point of creating. Man is a product of Qum faya Qum. This is when He gave you ability to know right from wrong and free will. Whichever you choose you get the corresponding result.

To guide you further, is why you are told in Surat 83, to use the measure you use for yourself for others.

You do not obey yet you ask God to waive the consequences. Aren't you asking for the impossible? Or asked differently, are you not placing yourself above the Creator?

Do not waste time circulating useless wishes which you call prayers. Even if you circulate it ten billion times, it will amount to nothing! God's word is unchangeable. What you sow, you shall reap.

You are to obey God and not He to obey you. Your useless wishes or prayers are sins against His holiness. The ignorance which comes from obduracy only increases your guilt.

If Nigerians want a better country, they can get it by changing their ways. Everyone knows right and wrong. You cannot have a different country through useless wishes you call prayers. God is God, unchangeable for ever. He is Justice and Love and Purity.

My Moslem brothers are fasting in this holy month. The Christians are observing the Lenten period of forty days. Let them understand the nature of God and His working and obey His commands and all will be well.

Any Moslem who is not obeying Surat 83 has a big accounting to do. Fasting without the corresponding obedience will be nothing.

Senator Victor Kassim Oyofo

12th April, 2022.

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