Monday 18 April 2022

Why does Ata Igala wears Earring?

Earring is a link between ancient Kings especially kings and God or ancestors. It is a link through which they communicate with God or ancestors. Ancestors reveal things to them especially solutions to problems or ways of doing things through that. In Igala, there is an adage that Attah has nine ears, and as such, whatever is said about him by anyone irrespective of the place, he will here. Attah or Igala was one of the ruling houses of ancient Egypt. From dynasty 1 through Pharaoh Ata who ruled from 3000 BC to 2990 BC to 3rd dynasty, 6, 8, ... 10 was completely Igala rulers from 2130 to 2040 BC to 12th dynasty were all Igala. Some are in Ethiopia now. Igara kingdom of Uganda, Kenya, Attah of Mali and Yemen. Igara of South Sudan, Congo, Sierra Leone,  Liberia, Gullah of USA are all Igala blood. Other kings who wore earrings were Assyrian kings, ancient India Tamil Nadu Kings, etc. But presently, only Attah Igala is still wearing it plus the red and white crown combined of Pharaoh including the Cobra god image in front of the crown.

Source: Igala Kingdom

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