Monday 11 April 2022

Northern Nigeria is very diverse

I remember back then in FGC Warri, almost everyone especially from the south, called me Hausa because I am from Borno.  Tried as I did to correct them that I wasn't Hausa, changed very little. I was still called Hausa. It was even more confusing when they found out I was christian.

The conclusion then (a lot of people still have that misconception today) was, everyone from the north was Hausa/Fulani. For starts, there is no such thing as Hausa/Fulani. You are either Hausa or Fulani. They are two distinct ethnic groups. I have decided to make this update for the benefit of those who are not aware of or familiar with the cultural and religious diversity of northern Nigeria.  

Did you know? 

Nigeria has 371 tribes with 520 languages. 

There are seventy eight (78) tribes in Adamawa State and Hausa isn't one of them. About 50% of Adamawa state is muslim while the other half is christian.

There are thirty one (31) tribes in Borno State and Hausa isn't one of them nor is Fulani. About 30% of the indigenes of Borno are Christian. 

The major ethnic groups in Yobe State are the Kanuri and the Kare-kare. Others are the Bade, Ngamo, Ngizim, Duwai, Bole etc. The kare-kare people of Yobe State have a fairly large christian population. 

Plateau State has forty (40) ethnic groups. 

Kaduna State has thirty (30).

Gombe State has about  twenty one (21). The two major religions each account for about half of the indigenous population of the state.

Niger State has Nupe as the dominant ethnic group, with other groups like the Gbagyi (or Gwari) etc. It is a very multi-religious state.

Nasarawa has more than twenty seven (27) ethnic groups and Hausa or Fulani make up less than 5% of the state. This state also has  religious diversity.

The core Hausa and Fulani states in Northern Nigeria are: Kano, Katsina, Sokoto, Zamfara, Jigawa and Kebbi (there are quite a number of minority groups in Kebbi state and it is multi-religious). These are the northwestern states. Bauchi, Gombe and Adamawa in the northeast, have a fairly large Fulani population. Taraba, Kaduna and Plateau have a sizeable Hausa population. Taraba also has a sizeable Fulani population.

NB: This post is purely for educational purposes.

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