Monday 18 April 2022

May Her Soul Rest In Peace

Basma Ali was 13 years old. She was a native of Mista Ali in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau state. She's a JS Three student of Royal High school. Being a very brilliant student made her the favorite of her teachers. At 13, Basma had a crush on one of hers teachers. She thought he's handsome, striking and attractive. She therefore wrote a letter to him telling him she loved him and found him irresistible. The teacher ignored her. 

Basma was not deterred, she thereafter wrote another letter to the same teacher; this time, Basma removed the gloves. She told her teacher in another letter that she doesn't mind if he can sleep with her if that will make him love her. The teacher this time around showed the Principal the letter. The Principal became angry, infuriated and irritated. 

He called an assembly where Basma was punished. She was given 15 lashes and was told to read the letter. She couldn't read it. The teacher collected the letter and read it to the amazement of her fellow students. Basma was asked to come the following day with her parents.  She felt highly disgraced.

The next day, the poor little girl didn't go to school. She sent her younger brother to buy her rat poison saying rats were disturbing her. On her brother' return, Basma sent him out and ate the rat poison. She died few hours later at the hospital where she was rushed to.

Who do we blame for Basma's death?

A. Basma

B. The Teacher

C. The school.

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