Monday 4 April 2022


Congratulations HRM Oba Sikiru Kayode, the Awujale of Ijebu land as you mark your 62nd anniversary on the throne of your ancestors, wishing good health and many more years.

Ijebu people and Igala people are from the same (nearby) location or town, Tjebu, an ancient town and headquarters of the 10th dynasty (Galla dynasty, ca 2130BC-2040BC) rulers of Egypt in the ancient Nile Valley. Awujale has said severally that they originated from ancient Nile Valley through Borno State to their present location, which is the same route by Igala people too. But do you know that Ijebu language is about 95% similar with Igala own? That is why in the History of Itsekiri Delta State, it is said that the first two groups of Itsekiri spoke same language, they two are Igala and Ijebu people. Do you also know that from my findings, in the entire Southwest, Awujale of Ijebu is probably the only King that goes into seclusion and also treks a long distance just like Attah Igala during coronation process? Just like Attah designate, the legs of  Awujale does touch water when crossing it (like our Inachalo stream here) during the coronation processes. 

The present Awujale ascended the throne at the age of 25 years old.

Your Majesty, from your brothers and sisters of Igala Nation Worldwide, I congratulate you once again. God bless you, God bless Ijebu (the ancient Egypt word, Tjebu (Tjebu literally means location on the hill, Ojiobe in Igala version)) people, God bless the Nile Valley Descedants Worldwide.

Amb Ayegba A. A.

(Cultural Administrator, Historian, Researcher and Author)

Attah Igala General Ambassador of Igala Nation Worldwide,

Executive member, Nile Valley Descedants Association.

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