Thursday 17 April 2014


 Miss Toyin Serifat Gbadamosi [HEALER & HERBS SELLER]
Herbalism is an art of applying roots, backs and leaves of trees to cure all sorts of diseases and ailments. And this art has been the ancestral heritage of Yoruba people for ages. Before civilization from the west, Yoruba people were curing their diseases and
Different powdery herbs in plastics.

ailments effectively with roots, backs and leaves from different trees. The deity of herbs is called OLUBIKIN and he was the first to use leaves to make medicine for mankind. History has it that Orunmila had been hearing about some wonderful things that Olubikin was doing with leaves. Likewise, Olubikin too, hearing about the adventure of Orunmila on IFA. So they decided to meet and exchange their different knowledge and at this point occultism and herbalism merged. Olubikin learned IFA from Orunmila while Orunmila in turn learned the art of medicine making from Olubikin. This brief history is the origin of medicine making all over the world today. There are so many ailments and diseases that orthodox medicine has failed in proffering solutions to but which alternative medicines are travailing in today. Herbs seller like my guest Miss Toyin Serifat Gbadamosi has been in the business for the past
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twelve years. And she has been assisting people to cure a lot of ailments and diseases. Diseases like low sperm count, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, barrenness, infertility in men etc. are easy to cure for her. In fact people come from far and near to patronize her. According to her, she normally refers her clients to first of all do the proper diagnosis of their ailments or diseases as the case may be at the hospital before applying the traditional cure on them. And many of such clients become healed or cured of their different diseases and ailments after going back to the hospital to check. Miss Toyin Gbadamosi said government should stop seeing the practitioners of alternative medicine as the clogs in the wheel of the progress of the health sector. She said ever since realizing that treating people of their ailments and diseases with herbs is her calling, there has been no looking back because orthodox
Different leaves from trees
Powdery substances from herbs

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treatment is very expensive in comparison to alternative medicine. She even went further to say that the traditional medicine is cheap and affordable. And the government should allow it to partner side by side with the orthodox treatment. A lot of people are suffering from one ailment or the other today because they do not have money for cure or treatment. But with the assistance and affordability of the herbs, this problem will be a thing of the past. There is a school of thought that says a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Miss Toyin Serifat Gbadamosi says that she enjoys healing people and this is an art that she learned from her grandmother many years ago.

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  1. Mr. Olalekan I just read the artile about the art of using herbs in Nigeria and it has made me very interested in your Blog. I think that you are passing across a very valuable message about Nigerian culture and traditions. This is something very interesting for both Nigerians as well as any one interested in African (Nigerian) traditions.

    Keep it up

    Alex (we met at the Masquerade not long ago)

  2. Thanks for sharing this Olalekan. I'm always interested in reading about people who are listening to and learning from both sides of medicine – orthodox/mainstream and alternative/traditional. I feel there is a lot or relief from painful symptoms and healing of root causes when these models combine skillfully.

  3. Thanks guys.I acknowledge and appreciate your comments and I will not rest on my oars concerning my tradition and culture. Best regards.

  4. Wow! We'll this is certainly interesting! I have read every article here. Keep up the good work!


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